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How to use the BTS

1. You will need to buy a ticket. Tickets are divided into...
1 ) Single ride tickets - You can purchase single ride tickets from the automatic ticketing machine.You will need coins for this purchase. Single ride tickets can be used only once.ticket machine
2 ) Stored value tickets - Can be purchased at the ticket booth. This kind of ticket can be used many times and the value will be automactically reduced (very much like card phones).

2. After you have purchased your ticket, go to the automatic doors and insert you ticket into the machine. The doors will open and you will be able to walk through to recieve your ticket on the other side. Then you can proceed to the next floor to wait for the train. You should make sure you have come up on the right side of the station by looking at the signs.

3. When you have reached your destination, you must, again,  insert your ticket at the automatic door in order to exit the station. If you purchased a single ride ticket, the machine will not return the ticket back to you but will take the ticket to be recycled and used again in the future. If you used the stored value ticket, the machine will return the ticket to you so that you may use it again.

During the first stages of opening, there will be authorities helping you through the process at every station.