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BTS Stations

Our typical station consists of two levels- concourse and platform.
- The concourse provides ticketing facilities and other passenger amenities as well as access to the system.
- The platform is for waiting for boarding and alighting from the train.

Please always be aware that the train may approach the platform at any time, from any direction.

station viewStations will be built on columns erected, where possible, in the central median of the raodways. This type of construction is used so that the maximum raod surface is maintained while , at the same time, minimising diversion of existing utilities mecessitated by the construction of the system. Stations are located about 800-1,000 metres apart. Each station will be approximately 150 metres long. With the exception of Central staion, all stations will be side platform type design, with two platforms lacated on the outer sides of the station and tracks running through the center.
Structure of the station

The central station will be of a center platform design with two platforms, one above the other. This permits the direct transfer of passengers between lines. This type of design will have a platform located at the center of the station and tracks running along the outer rims. Whilst this layout facilitates passenger transfers from one line to another, construction of stations using this design is more complicated because of the need to curve tracks around the platforms.

Access to stations will be by stairways from the street to the concourse which will be below the platforms. Structural design of all stations will include provisions for the future installation of escalators and elevators, both between concourses and platforms and between footpaths and concourses.

train in station

The Mor Chit depot is located on a 64,000 square metre site at the northern end of the System, will contain a full workshop and maintenance facilities and the main stabling area. It will also include an administration building and the control center from which the entire system operation is monitored and controlled.
The MoChit Depot provides facilities for train stabling, cleaning and maintenance of the subsystems.